The Bayleaf | Colombo's Finest Italian Restaurant




Private Dining

  • Gold Room

    Highlights in gold hues , mirrors and art, sets a warm ambiance, offering comfortable seating for 20 pax for meetings or for a lunch or dinner to enjoy in A/C comfort

  • Red Room

    Center room for casual entertainment though non a/c can enjoy a cool breeze with ample ventilation. 3 tables of 4 each with a total of 12 pax to enjoy lunch or dinner

  • Blue Room

    A/C room with mirrors and antique furniture creating a warm ambiance can easily accommodate – 20 pax for meetings . Also offers 3 separate tables for a total 18 pax for lunch or dinner

  • Silver Room

    Reflecting a clean modern look with a Tuscan scenery painting has 3 glass top tables accommodating 4 each for a total 12 pax to enjoy in A/C comfort

  • The Balcony

    Wrapped around the upstairs with tables of 2 , is an ideal setting overlooking the garden to enjoy a quiet drink or a meal


    5 Private dining rooms ideal for a small corporate luncheon meeting or sets the perfect mood for a quiet lunch or dinner with family or friends

  • Exclusive Wine Room

    Set in the tradition of famous wine room concepts world over, it’s a unique experience to enjoy private dining . It offers an elegant setting with one large table for 12 pax. Such sensory stimuli seek to set the mood to enjoy Italian specials, premium liquor, fine wines and a selection of delectable desserts in an ideal context of total relaxation.
    Reservations: Require Min 6 pax to book the room